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Rapid Prototyping

Lost Wax Development Company can provide a wide spectrum of services to suit your rapid prototyping requirements.

Ranging from individual items to pre-production runs, using the following methods:


  • 3D Systems Thermojet wax printing
  • Stereolithography Models
  • Silicone tooling
  • 3D scanning for reverse engineering from a solid component or Model
  • Hand crafted modelling and sculptures for tooling and Processing


The 3D Systems ThermoJet solid object printer produces high quality, three-dimensional investment casting patterns with reliable dimensional accuracy.

The printer produces models with maximum dimensions of 190x250x200mm, additionally, larger prototypes can be made in component form and assembled before casting.


SLA machines use 3d CAD models to construct parts layer by layer, curing photosensitive epoxy resins with a high power UV laser. There is available a variety of resins.

Highly complex parts can be created with speed and accuracy. These can be used in their raw state for all three of fit, form and function. Additionally, they can be finished to a designated standard to produce high quality show parts. Finished SLA models are also frequently used as masters for silicone rubber and hard resin tooling.

3D scanning

Traditional Reverse Engineering is the process of taking scan data from a physical object to create a robust CAD format, consequently giving the capability to re-engineer (modify or update) the part.