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Lost Wax Development | Metal Specifications
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Metal Specifications

Examples of Cast Metal Alloys

Carbon and Low Alloy Steels;
BS 3146 CLA1 through to CLA13, EN8, EN14, EN16, EN19, EN24, EN34, EN4

Tools Steels;
A2, D2, D3, H13
Iron Based;
SG Iron

Stainless and Heat Resistant Steels;
303, 304, 310, 316, 17/4PH, EN56, EN57 BS 3146 ANC 1 – ANC 22

Cobalt Based;
Stellite type alloys

Monel, Inconel 625

HTB1,70/30, Phospher Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Silicon Bronze

LM25, LM6