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Investment Casting Process

See our casting process from start to finish.

01 Wax

Wax patterns are produced by injecting wax under pressure into accurately machined metal dies. Wax patterns are assembled onto a runner system with handling arrangements designed for robotic shell coating.

02 Shell

The wax assembly is coated with a ceramic shell utilising specially designed robots by repeated dipping into ceramic slurries and stuccoing with graded refractory materials.

03 Foundry

The wax is removed from the shell which is fired at over a 1000°C in a specifically designed pre-heat furnace. Induction melting units are used to melt the alloy. The molten metal is poured into the pre-heated ceramic shell and allowed to solidify.

04 Finishing

When the metal filled ceramic shell has fully cooled the ceramic is removed mechanically from the cast assembly, which is cleaned in a carousel shot blast cabinet. All cast parts are then removed from the runner system. The final casting is subject to a variety of blasting techniques to customer requirements.


  • Heat Treatment
  • Machining
  • Pickle & Passivation / Electropolishing
  • X-ray & Dye penetrant inspection
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
  • Material Certification / Chemical and Mechanical testing (C of A / 3.1 /3.2)
  • Mechanical Polishing
  • Painting & Powder coating
  • CMM Inspection
  • Fabrication
  • Sub assemblies
  • Impregnation