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Casting Tolerances

Castings are manufactured to the Form of Supply detailed in our quotation and are generally within the dimensional tolerances given below.

Where dimensional requirements are closer than can be obtained by casting, final machining may be necessary. Depending upon configuration, castings may distort during cooling from casting to room temperature. In such cases, a setting operation may be necessary.

Angular tolerance   +/- 0.5 degrees
Linear tolerance   +/- 0.125mm per 25mm
Typically Outside dia: 19.0mm 25.0mm 37.5mm 50.0mm
Inside dia: 6.4mm 12.5mm 19.0mm 20.0mm
TIRE/Eccentricity 0.20mm 0.25mm 0.30mm 0.38mm
Diameter Up to 12.50mm 12.50mm-25.00mm 25.0mm-37.50mm
Ovality 0.25mm 0.30mm 0.38mm
0.125mm-0.25mm per 25mm dependant on configuration.
These figures are produced from qualitative inspection observations over many years of manufacture, but should only be used as a guide. It is important to discuss your specific requirements if in doubt.

Dimensional Tolerances

These depend on size, shape and section but generally fall into the tolerance bands listed below.
Dimensions Tolerances
Up to 20mm +/-0.10mm
30mm +/-0.15mm
45mm +/-0.20mm
65mm +/-0.28mm
85mm +/-0.38mm